Power Test Analyzer adopts several electronic design solutions, for example a configuration to work with mono (v. Lite) or bridge power amplifier (v. PRO), implementing a full balanced power circuitry. Particular attention has been assigned to environment during all engineering phases, reducing impact by selecting materials and coatings, by optimizing cooling with thermo-fluid simulations, or by realizing a Full Power-OFF Switch, or by the inactivity auto power-off. This proprietary circuitry benefits of remote power-off as a relay, but with a complete power-off as a mechanical switch (no standby, no active led, zero voltage inside transformers and PCB). The product is compliant in advance to requirements on power consumption requirements for the OFF state as defined by the European Regulation n.1275/2008 on Ecodesign, valid from 2014 on. Internal Noise Source is generated around a new technology µC based, the firmware code is in accordance with Central Limit Theorem to obtain Gaussian distributed noise. Web Manager has a plug-in code ables to detect and automatically adapts the screen resolution of every connected client, permitting to visualize real time measurements on PC, Notebook, PDA and Smartphones.

Phase Plug Support software is an extremely intensive numerical application. The program contains numerous numerical mathematics algorithms, some of which are extremely large but special routines place relate low demands on the CPU's floating point performance.

Horn.ell.a implements a process for 3D horns calculus, design and rendering, producing also the new kind HCD horns (Hybrid Constant Directivity). HCD algorithm permits to obtain a constant directivity horn on one plane but with the "good sound" of an exponential horn. Environment information are important for final result, many experimental prototypes has been simulated and developed for the frequency correction. The same process is then transfered to PPS software. Selecting x,y points number you can decide element size for model mesh precision and the amount of exported data.

Virtual Voice Coil is the software devoted to loudspeaker design. The novel B(x) and Bl(x) asymmetry plots permit to optimize motor design and select the best balance for reducing related non-linear distortions of the transducer. Analitical calculus of the free air voice coil inductance added to Series, Bifilar, Parallel plus all combinations of Series-Parallel connection of multilayers voice coils are some of the key features helping designers to simulate precise parameters and optimize loudspeakers.