Virtual Voice Coil KEY FEATURES
Loudspeaker Voice Coil Design: Woofers, Midranges, Tweeters, Compression Drivers, Headphones, Micro Speakers drivers, etc.
Detailed estimation of VC Height, NTurns, OD, Mass, Wire Length, Le, etc starting from a Target Re.
Dynamic Efficiency (dB-loss) and the Packing Factor plots permit to select the best voice coil solution among all available wires.
Series, Parallel plus all combinations of Series-Parallel layers connection with a design aid tool.
Accurate calculus up to 20 layers, selecting Diamond or Hexagonal Geometry configuration with wire stretch.
Circular and Rectangular (specific for Micro Speakers) voice coil shape.
Round, Ribbon (Flat /Edge wound) or Square wire sections available, selecting standard dimension or using your own customizable dimension. Easy way to compare different coil wire sections like round wire vs. ribbon wire through the Dynamic Efficiency Chart.
Available wire materials: Copper, Aluminium, CCAW, HCCAW, UCCAW, Silver, Gold.
12 different materials for Former and more than 20 different materials for Reinforcement Tape.
Possibility to calculate vent holes, copper pads or cuts on voice coil former, and edit exit leads, with corresponding insulating tape.
All materials modifications and geometries bounds are automatic updated on the voice coil mass and efficiency, as the Virtual Wire Length. You can edit wire files or add new ones. It's not necessary to respect a particular order because VVC will compare and reorder all wires dimensions.
HTML reports useful to connect to your CAD tool importing all data for a fast supplier drawing.

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