Virtual Voice Coil

Loudspeaker design for Woofers, Midranges, Tweeters, Compression Drivers, Headphones, Micro Speakers...

Wire Loss and SPL charts permit to maximize transducer efficiency

B(x) & BL(x) Asymmetry graphs permit to optimize motor design and select the best balance for reducing related non-linear distortions

Suspensions compliance separation permit to find single component and system resonance frequency. Surround and spider rates measure their % contribution on total suspension system

±XBL displacement limits @BLmin= 82%, assessing percentage variation along the BL(x) curve. Maximum Available mechanical eXcursion (MAX) given @x Offset

Membrane force direction audit avoids errors on the loudspeaker phase response

Import flux density profile from FEA software (both period or comma decimal separator). The swap control reverses COIL INCOIL OUT direction

Accurate calculus up to 20 layers, selecting Diamond or Hexagonal round wire winding configuration

Series, Bifilar, Parallel plus all combinations of Series-Parallel multilayers connection with a design aid tool

Circular, Square and Rectangular (specific for Micro Speakers) voice coil shape

Round, Square or Rectangular (Flat & Edge wound) wire sections (in mm and AWG) available, selecting built-in dimensions or using your own customizable wire sheet

7 wire materials (Copper, Aluminium, CCAW, HCCAW, UCCAW, Silver, Gold), 11 former materials and 22 different reinforcement tape materials available

Materials resistivities, densities and geometry bounds are automatically calculated and promptly updated

Possibility to define vent holes, copper pads and cuts on voice coil former, or customize exit wire leads

Instant plot of voice coil elements and transducer Thiele & Small parameters variation for all available wires

Dynamic Integral Screen User Interface model: all elements are always displayed in a single panel under the end-user control, for an easy and fast interaction

Mouse wheel over a digital control acts as a virtual slider permitting to gradually change voice coil or transducer parameters in real-time

HTML report for sharing data, it could be also useful to connect a CAD tool for importing data in supplier drawings