Phase Plug Support KEY FEATURES
Phase-Plug Annular Rings Number: Compression driver with maximum 10 slots
Mechanical/Acoustical Controls: Dome & Rings geometry (OD, radius, dome thickness, cavity between dome and phase-plug, total path length, flare constant, rings width, single channel profile), low & high frequency cut-off, compression ratio …
Phase-Plug Expansions: Catenoid, Exponential, Hyperbolic Cosine, Hyperbolic Sine, Conic
Environment Information: Phase-plug working temperature and humidity
Phase-Plug Path: Complete management of single slots profile, keeping all the numerical mathematical algorithms established in advance
Phase-Plug Output: CAD import ready 2D design X,Y,Z (Z=0) points
Data Precision: Floating-point numbers by 6 fractional format digits
Units: SI units and units from other systems of measurement. Conversion possibility between units with standard SI prefix

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