Horn.ell.a is the Horn Elliptical Aided software. With Horn.e.lla is possible to create in few minutes designs of several horn expansions as Hypex family (Catenoid, Exponential, Hyperbolic Cosine, Hyperbolic Sine, Conic), Tractrix, Spherical, Spherical Closed and Waveguide. The software is able to manage various parameters as frequency cut-off (minimum step= 1 Hz), axis samples number, flare constant, mouth ratio, environment temperature and humidity, aperture angles, solid radiation angles and the size of horn throat, mouth and length. Horn.e.lla has some new features compared to similar products as the full 3D model, as environment information that permits to adapt working temperature and humidity, or as the aperture angles down to the horn section. This characteristic is useful in example to optimize horns with compression drivers, coupling horn profile with driver geometry and exit. Horn.e.lla develop profiles with a proprietary numerical algorithm which transforms the wave guide progression from Circular, Square (Mouth Ratio= 1) to Pseudo-Elliptical and Rectangular HCD horns (Hybrid Constant Directivity) (Mouth Ratio> 1). Horn.e.lla automatically generates a database where records all routed designs and from where it is possible to recall the designs. The saved files are 2D and 3D .asc (.asc is a standard code for information exchange ASCII encoding file, easy manageable by most CAD available today) ready to import into your CAD software with which to create the mechanical parts of your horn.



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