Virtual Voice Coil

Virtual Voice Coil (VVC) is the software devoted to loudspeakers voice coil design for Woofers, Midranges, Tweeters, Compression Drivers, Headphones, Micro Speakers drivers, etc.
With VVC is possible to select standard wire or insert a custom round, square and ribbon wire. The former settings regards outer/inner diameter, height, separation space, upper/lower edges, thickness. You can create vent holes and cuts on former, with dynamic regulation of maximum allowed dimension.
Exit leads and copper pads finalize the voice coil profile.
Selecting different materials or changing any size for Wire, Former, Reinforcement Tape or Exit Leads causes voice coil weight dynamic updating, as well as all other results.
On results section there are wire stretch values, this regards wire elongation due to stretching during winding, in this section we can observe a more realistic value of the voice coil resistance due to wire length increasing. Another useful tool is the Dynamic Efficiency Chart, this chart represents the relative wire efficiency (dB-loss), calculated on all wire available sizes. With the Dynamic Efficiency Chart you can visualize and select the best wire for a maximum loudspeaker efficiency.



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