Power Test Analyzer

Power Test Analyzer is the system dedicated to power test for audio transducers. PTA is addressed to the development of technology to limit the power compression, as the execution of tests to select the best component in comparison to more suppliers (pole plates, voice coils, different materials for parts assembly...), or to optimize the design of the transducer motor, for instance increasing cooling for convection, or also to validate samples for a production line. PTA analyzes the physical limits of a transducer offering the competence to select the proper solution for its application. PTA is composed by Hardware (100% recyclable chassis, 19 inch/1 Unit Rack) and a dedicated Software. The system employ a user friendly software with an interview model, its automatic controls permit several presets, as power amplifier parameters and limits or signal crest factor analysis (measured directly on DUT terminals), giving the opportunity to create new, or directly select some standards for power test (Accelerated life test EIA-426B, IEC 268-5, Power Handling test AES2, routine to search for maximum power). The wireless connection permit to render cables free your computer from hardware also PTA Web Manager distributes remote test application via the SpeakerLAB Web Server, so it is possible to control test status from a remote pc or directly from your personal tablet or smartphone. PTA automatically generate database with HTML and PDF reports including all graphs, histograms and macro-values of the test. Designed by SpeakerLAB S.r.l. the PTA is exclusively built in Italy with internal components selected for premium quality and proven durability.



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