Horn Driver Matrix

Horn Driver Matrix is a new horn driver simulation method. The method comprises one driver Plane Wave Tube measurement (Real World) and one horn Finite Element Analysis (Virtual World). With the proposed method, to virtualize a horn driver is sufficient a compression driver SPL frequency response PWT measurement and the horn FEA. To achieve the correlation between FEA and measurement a new software with a new equation inside has been proposed.

Application examples:

  • With this method is possible to model the horn as a sort of mechanical cross-over towards the driver frequency response, reducing time-to-market;

  • This method is useful to model SPL frequency response of a virtual horn combined with several real compression drivers’ response and vice-versa;

  • With compression drivers frequency response database is possible to fast predict SPL of each driver with the simulated horn, without physically building horn;

  • A further application of the method could be a company website with a routine providing frequency response charts automatically, without performing measurements.



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